Hi, I’m still alive! Haha!

18 Aug

Whoa! It’s been a long time since I last blogged!

Quite a few reasons for neglecting my blog..

1. Was having my exams.
2. Hp is spoilt!
3. Hooked to my chinese novels!

I gotta admit #3 is the main reason. Haha!

I love reading SO MUCH. Especially when I find a good book! ♥ And luckily for me, lately I actually found THREE books which I absolutely LOVE! Needless to say, I’ve been so happy lately! But too bad for my friends.. Opps! Either I’d be talking about the stories endlessly, or I’ll be engrossed in my reading!

Will try to resume my blogging soon! Heehee!



30 Jun


很久以前.. 觉得好像被全世界放弃。
不知不觉.. 连我也放弃了自己。

我.. 没有未来。



自己, 加油!
大家, 加油!


26 Jun

When the time is right, my gift will appear. :)


24 Jun

It dawns to me that in today’s era.. Nice traits = Weaknesses

It is not easy but I will try to work on these:
1. Be less kind and mind my own business. People will take it for granted.
2. Be less accommodating. People nowadays will keep pushing their luck.

Somewhat disappointed with the people I encountered these days.

I just hope not everyone are like them.


22 Jun

Decided to use this blog for expressing my inner thoughts.. So I’m back!

Been super stressed and busy due to my school assignments. After 2 days of rest (and relaxation), I am finally back to normal again!

Going through the work that I did for previous weeks.. WTF was I doing!?
Dreaming sia!

So glad to be functioning properly again!
Gotta rectify my previous errors before it’s too late!

Go go fighting! :D

Counting down to my EXAM!! :O

11 Apr

Taking break from my (last minute) studies..

Yes, I’m currently doing this! >.<
Gotta admit I’m always like this! Argh!
Alas.. During my last paper, I told myself that I WILL REVISE REGULARLY AND NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO STUDY! But yet.. Sigh. Kinda disappointed with myself! My mind simply refuses to study until at the last minute! Each time I started reading my notes, I felt like dozing off! (In fact, I did that quite a few times!)

Haha, this is funny.. And legit?
Okay, break time’s over! Time flies when I’m doing last minute revision!

Actually I only need 9 points to pass.. But what if I can’t even get 9 points??
Scary thought..

Gonna study a bit more and get some sleep!

Thank God, my exam is in the afternoon! Phew!

Exceeded my data usage last month! :O

8 Apr

Saw this in my bill:
NOoo..!! ($6.22 + gst gone just like that! *Sob sob!*)

Had switched off my data immediately after checking mySingtel app and saw that my usage was 11.98gb!!

But alas, the customer service guy told me that the app is not updated immediately. Data reflected is as of 1 hour ago! :(

Anyway, he told me that we can also dial *3282 to get the immediate update for amount of data used.

Well, now we know! Hope I won’t exceed my usage again!!

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