Hello Friday night! ^^

30 Sep

Ah Zhang and his friend were waiting at Spider.. A pub which is pretty near my school~

(Sorry Weiren! You asked me out a weeny bit too late! >.< Next time ya!)

Don’t really like the place and.. Well, 算了~ I was waiting for my potato wedges! Hungry! *Rawrs!!*

Random Conversation

Ah Zhang: 他们还在种马铃薯吗?
Me: 我去对面的MAC买薯条都回来了咯!
Ah Zhang: 去吃个豆花和油条再回来都还没送来啦!

After a long wait…………. Finally my wedges’ here..!!

Ate a few then.. Full liao~ >.<

Blogging in the pub now while munching on my wedges, listening to Ah Zhang sing.. Relaxing night~ xD

(I feel like reading my e-Novels here too! ;P)


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