My Birthday Celebration 2

30 Sep

27th – 28th Sep 2011

Met up with !B after work. :3

Weeeeee~ Thanks for the KOI !!


Had the yummy hokkien mee from my favorite stall and my Strawberry-Mango drink! Ahh~ Simple joys! ♥

Went KBOX and sang our hearts out!! YES lah! Finally I can sing with my usual standard! I guess my heart’s finally freed after so long!! I miss singing so so much!! Really sang until shiok max!! Woohoo~~♥♥

When it was a few minutes to midnight (my birthday!), KBOX SUDDENLY HAD A BLACKOUT!! LOL!! !B was so amazed! (He didn’t believe in my birthday curse!) He has been to ktv so often and he NEVER experience any blackout EVER. (So now he’s totally convinced! HAHA!)

My birthday jinx!! Hi, nice to see you again! Bad things always happen on my birthday..! LOL! have learnt to laugh it off~ Bleahz!! Love you, Jinxy~♥

!B and E msged me at 12 midnight sharp.. Aww!! So sweet! Kinda touched that they bothered to wait by their hps just to msg me once it was my birthday! :3

Received more msgs via hp and Facebook subsequently. Happy happy me! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes!! Love them max! ♥♥♥ :)

P/S: !B said I’m emo princess because I can only sing emo songs! Not emo de songs also can sing until become emo songs! Haha! :3


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