Welcome to the real world. :)

4 Oct

Came across this via Twitter

Oh c’mon. You seriously think bastards would believe or care? Some even violate their own daughters! Not to mention other people’s daughters! ​(¬_ ¬”)

Used to believe in that though!

And I believed in these:

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
2. Mr Karma exists.

Well, actually I still do.

Yes, treat people the way you want to be treated. This requires efforts from everyone. Teamwork. Have faith, don’t give up in the good side of mankind! But don’t blindly assume that people will good to you just because you are good to them. Some (evil) people will only see your kindness as your weakness and make use of you.. Not caring if they hurt you badly. So while you are loving others, please don’t ever forget to love yourself too! ♥

Possible (bad) scenario: Loving others until you stop loving yourself. Lost yourself. Eventually you can’t love others too. You’ll be reduced to an unhappy person. — Trust me. It happens. Been there, done that. I LEARNT, NO NEXT TIME! :)

Mr Karma is here among us but I must say he has a black sense of humour (黑色幽默)! He don’t work the way I (naively) thought. Mr Karma, 你太贼了啦! 可是真的很妙.. 赞啦!

我相信.. 只要对得起自己的良心, 就不需要怕Mr Karma! :)

(Wanted this blog to contains only positive stuff but Yong said I should not give the false impression life can be smooth-sailing all the time. Should shared some negative stuff so that we will be careful and / or be prepared when bad things happen to us! Makes a lot of sense ya? ^^)


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