Back at Samsung..♥

5 Oct

Went back to Samsung after work to collect the demo set (Samsung MV800 Camera) for review.

Saw Shirley on my way! Still as pretty and elegant as I remember! :)

Collected my demo set.. Saw many ex colleagues like Gina, Stanley, Yoke Yen 大姐, Molly.. And more! MOST IMPORTANTLY, I finally met up with my dear Dwen Dwen again!! Doing OT as usual! >.<

LOL-ed at this incident!

Dwen: Pris, you are slimmer now!
Me: *Happy* OH IZZIT!!
Yoke Yen 大姐: Got meh?
Me: *Suddenly sianz 1/2.. LOL!* Got got GOOOTT!! >.<


And I was really touched by this.

Dwen: Pris! Why you don’t update your blog anymore! I go there at least once a week! I even saved your blog as favorite!
Me: What! OMG! You mean you still read my blog!!! AWW!!! I got a new blog liao!
Yoke Yen 大姐: She stated the link to her new blog in her old blog mah.
Me: OMGOMG! You mean you read my blog TOO!!?
Dwen: Although we are not working together, I still go to your blog to see how are you doing!

Aww.. 感动 max!! ♥

Thank you God for blessing me with so many awesome, loving people in my life!! I’m sorry for ever thinking that no one cares about me! ♥♥♥

Dwen suggested that we have dinner together.. Oh yeah! :3

So while Dwen was finishing up her work..

Found this at her desk and started playing around with it! HAHA!
This is what I call 大哥大! LOL!

Testing out Mr MV800!!

Leaving a little note for my dear Yi Yi before we left the office!
Hope this note will cheer her up when she sees it tomorrow morning! ♥

Aww.. I miss the super big mirror in the ladies!!
Shiok max!

Dwen Dwen gave me a belated Birthday treat at Shin Kushiya! Yayy!!

The salmon sashimi was yummy max!!
Omg so thick!! ♥♥

Dwen shared some of her noodles with me!
Yum yum yum!!

Our side dishes~

Gindara Teriyaki is L♥VE!!

I love Japanese food!! ♥♥

Enjoying catching up with my ex colleagues, especially with Dwen Dwen!! She mentioned that I seemed more mature than the last time she saw me.. 2 years ago! Aww! I’m so happy!

Chatted a lot with my dear Dwen Dwen.. From reminiscing our past to updating each other about our current work and personal lives~

I’m so so so happy today! Thank you God! :)


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