Rules to be happy

11 Oct

I guess not all rules are boring afterall! :)

Rule Number 1
Yes, be thankful! Count your blessings!

Rule Number 2
We only live once! Who’s gonna face the music for your own actions? YOU yourself! So live life the way you want! Do things that you won’t regret doing! And don’t do things that you will regret doing!

But having said that.. Don’t be too strict with yourself. Be forgiving to yourself. You must love yourself before you can love others!

Life is never perfect. But while there’s 1001 things to be unhappy about, there could be 10001 things to be happy too!

Happiness is all around us! Just that we tend to take simple joys for granted! Not realising their importance until we lost them..

You seek what you find! Look for happiness and happiness’s what you’ll get.. Eventually! IF you don’t give up!

Have faith! Thanks to the Laws of Attractions, it will happen! Positive thinking will attract positive people and events to your life!

Simplicity brings you happiness!

May everyone be happy! :)


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