One-eyed Pris

12 Oct

*This entry is written with my infected eye closed all the time.. >..<

Today I strongly feel that 神奇水 is not SK-II but this!
My infected eye had been bloodshot, tearing and swollen until I can’t even open it! So scared that my eye will go blind lah!

Thanks to these 2 bottles of 神奇水, my infected eye is getting better!

Doing the simplest things had been super hard for me initially! Still not easy and inconvenient for me now! Hope I can recover soon! I still have to meet my group to discuss our group project and finish my Workplace Law assignment! Argh! Many things to do at work too!!

And MAXI EYES (a brand for contact lenses), I’m not buying you ever again!! Their lenses gave me eye infections TWICE already!!

Can I sue the company?? But well.. For now I just want my eye to recover soon! Sigh! :(

Eyes are the windows of our soul.. Today I feel so sorry for not taking care of my eyes well.. (I won’t use cheapo contact lenses again! T^T) And I’m so thankful for being blessed with healthy (although short-sighted) eyes!! ♥♥

And I’m really amazed that most of the blind (and others) can live so well despite their disabilities! I only have an eye infection and I’m feeling so grumpy, insecure and frustrated!!

Today I feel so depressed and lousy about myself! (Except the time E accompanied me though! Thanks Sweet Boy! ♥)

And by the way I’m still at the dental clinic.. Waiting! (How can they let a semi-blind me wait for a hour plus.. And counting!! T^T)

Wish I can be at home, resting my poor eyes.. My good eye has been working so hard alone! It deserves a good rest too!


2 Responses to “One-eyed Pris”

  1. Yong October 13, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Tried drinking boiled chrysanthemum and wolfberries (枸杞子)in water. U just need to add these 2 to boiled water, let it simmer abit and drink it like plain water!
    No calories + excellent for eyes health!

  2. Prissy October 16, 2011 at 12:35 am #

    Good advice, as always! :D

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