LINE – Chat with me there!

13 Oct

Darling recommended me this new messenging app! ♥


Aww.. The icons are so cute and there are stickers of cute BUNNIES too!! ♥


And I’m loving this app more and more because I changed the background to..

Yummy tibits!! ♥


Changed the background to GARRETT POPCORNS! ♥

Seriously I love seeing the bunnies being blended into the yummy backgrounds so nicely! As if they are buried in the tibits or popcorns! LOL! Cute max lah!

Ahh, yummy food + cute bunnies = Happy Pris~♥

Or rather.. Happy Pris = 贪吃 max.. I know! Haha! *Proud about it somemore! Wtflol!*

Tried using the same wallpaper in Whatsapp..
Not as nice hor?

Oh yah! Sidetrack.. Wah seh! 原来 I can whatsapp myself and even see myself typing!! Wooo~ Eerie! LOL!


One Response to “LINE – Chat with me there!”

  1. Elise October 14, 2011 at 12:32 am #

    Hahahah I always whatsapp myself when I need to test something … And the Line app is cool~~ my colleagues showed me this afternoon!

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