Shopaholic Alert!

16 Oct

Spree spree spree.. Unintentionally. Again. >.<
Sinful but yet I’m feeling so happy! ♥

Devil’s Pitchfork: Felt like bringing it along to the Halloween event for self defence! (I’m scared! Or at least I think I will be??) Anyway it’s only $3 and I can let Steffi and Leroy play with it too! (On second thoughts, I may not bring it because it’s not as cool as my outfit! >.<)

Cosmetics: Time to replenish my beauty tools! Woohoo! Dolled to kill.. Beware! LOL! Bought refill for my ZA pressed powder, ZA’s mascara base, volume mascara and lengthening mascara. Got ZA’s PINK eyelashes curler, PINK mirror and PINK eyeshadow for $1! (Some package deal!) ZA’s stuff are pretty good! I bought the concealer the other day. (ZA, do you need any new non-celebrity ambassador? *Puppy eyed*) Also bought 2 more (non-ZA) stuff just to try! Haha! May do a review..? See how bah!

Shorts: You prolly can’t tell from the photo. Gonna wear this for the Halloween event! :D

Black Wing Ring: My favorite purchase of the day! I actually spent about $40 on it but I don’t care! I love it so much! Oh, and they only brought in 1 color each! (IF that’s the truth.. But it was definitely the last piece left!) Black is the prettiest!! ♥

I freaking love my new ring~♥
Yeah man! I really feel like a gothic princess when I’m wearing it!

Bought it for the Halloween event too! But I think I may start wearing it already!! ♥


2 Responses to “Shopaholic Alert!”

  1. darling October 17, 2011 at 12:01 am #

    Babe where u buy e ring?? I love it so much leh?? N how much is it?? Jealous much lo… I want

    • Prissy October 17, 2011 at 11:54 am #

      Haha! Just saw your question! Replied you at LINE already.. xD

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