Makeup Workshop with the Girls!

17 Oct

Elise, Constance, Miko, Joey and me were supposed to meet up at the mrt station.. But in the end we were a bit late, except Joey!

Bumped into Elise at Dhoby Ghaut mrt station.. Bumped into Constance at the lift lobby in SMU.. Bumped into Miko at the area near the room.. While Joey was already inside “chopping” good seats for us! Woots!

Wah lau eh! The trainer was so detailed……!! Explained a lot about.. Whatever. (Ok, I wasn’t paying attention. LOL!) Being me, I soon got bored.. #badstudent

*Started snapping random photos..*

Picture 1: Got bored and drew a picture of Elise (Dolp)! And made her pose for me! Which she sibei onz de did that cute pose for me! LOL!

Picture 2: My notes and my bunny cosmetic pouch..

Picture 3: Wah seh! Elise took down so much notes!! #goodstudent

Picture 4: “Stop taking photos of me!” (Nah, this is just one of her poses! LMAO!)

Oh! Here are the “before” photos of us! ♥
The more we camwhore together, the merrier we’ll be!

(Actually Elise wanted to listen attentively but I kept psychoing her to camwhore with me! AHAHAHA!! *Mischievous grin*)

There are more funnier photos but we used the Samsung MV800 camera~ Reached home late.. Lazy to download the photos from there! I’ll do it tomorrow ya! Stay tuned!

And YES! I tried the ZA’s mascaras! ♥♥♥
Amazing, right!!

Used the Base one.. Wah!
Used the Cutie Volume one .. WAH!
Used the Long one.. WAAHH!!

Freaking love them max!! Constance and Elise said I looked like I was wearing fake eyelashes!! Woohoo!

Wanted to take photos but the batteries of my hp AND my camera chose that time to go FLAT!! NOoo..!

Wanted to take photos of the 5 of us de!! *SOB SOB* T^T

Reached home, charged and CAMWHORED!

Here you go! Heehee! ♥
Seriously I think I look better with nerdy spectacles!! >.<

(Hope I can get an iPhone 4s soon! My hp camera is getting weird! Sometimes it’s bright.. Sometimes it’s dark!! Argh..)


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