Go Jewel Box recce!

18 Oct

Jeanette, Charlene, Elaine and me headed to the Jewel Box at Mount Faber to check out the venue for our D&D.

So pretty! (And it’s gonna be prettier at night! And when the X’mas decorations are up!)

The washroom! Prettiest washroom that I’ve ever been to!
The mirror is HUGE max!! *Loves*

Decided to try their food.. (Food tasting but we need to pay for it ourselves! >.<)
IT’S REALLY GOOD!! Especially the smoked salmon and the beef! Woooooo~~♥

I’m so full.. Even until now! But I think I’d go there to try other food again! (Even though the prices are a bit high.)

Looking forward to the D&D even more after visiting the place and trying out their food! Weeeeee~~♥

Was asking Elise why is it spelled as “Recce” when it’s pronounced as “Rec ki”.. Why ar? *Rubs chin* #OkThisIsRandomLOL


2 Responses to “Go Jewel Box recce!”

  1. Yong October 19, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    Recce is short for reconnaissance – which is a military term for searching for useful info by examining the ground……. But alas it was such a long word that ppl started callin it short form and it somehow become spelt as recce and not rec ki….. I think mainly becos the person who come up with the short form is not a S’porean! :-O

  2. Prissy October 19, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Wow! I always heard ppl saying recce (rec ki) but I nvr know the actual word is actually reconnaissance!

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