Another simple day of my simple life..

20 Oct

Just a quick summary (photos version).. Heh!


Picture 1: Wanted to buy a drink from the vending machine but it was spoilt! -.-”
Picture 2: Sneezing non-stop and Corrine gave me medicine! *GRATEFUL*
Picture 3: !B sent me this picture to cheer me up! CUTE MAX! I l♥ve this bunny!
Picture 4: Jeanette helped me to tabao lunch.. THANK YOU! Feeling quite sickly now.

Was watching this while having my lunch.. Funny max!

Mr Brown rocks! ♥

Feeling a lot better after having my lunch.. (Hot soup = SHIOK!) Gonna take my med and hope I’ll feel even better! I still need to tahan until 7pm today lah! >.<


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