Preparing for tonight’s Halloween event!!

22 Oct


Wash hair (long hair takes a long time to wash and dry ok!)
Charge hp batt
Charge camera batt
Do facial
Prepare clothes
MAKEUP (Should I put on fake eyelashes for more dramatic effect? :D)

I’m so excited! Hope to take more photos tonight! ^^

Here are some of my past Halloween fun I had!

♥ Sodabeta Halloween Party 2008 ♥

My first “modelling” job that earned me SGD 100!! Woots!
No lah, actually I won the “Best Costume”.. Unexpectedly!

So paiseh lah! Can tell that I was trying to be Misa from Deathnote? Heehee!

I looked so ugly (and 尴尬 max)! Imagine there was the professionally-looking set up and photographer.. With a whole bunch of people staring! Didn’t want to take but they refused to let me off until I do it! Arghh..! PEER PRESSURE!! LOL!!

But in return for SGD 100, I think the stress was worth it! WAHAHA! $_$

Group Photo 1!

Group Photo 2!

♥ Halloween Party 2009 at Club Strawberry ♥

Group Photo 1!

Group Photo 2!

Group Photo 3!

Took this part from my old blog! Still LOL whenever I see this!

Elise had a cute caption for this!
Something like “That’s all left of Pris..” Haha!

This is a priceless photo of Darky! LOL!
He was drunk, wore my bunny ears and asked me to take his photo! LMAO!

(He totally forgot about everything when he woke up the next day! WAHAHA!)

LOL! 鬼啊!
Can never stop laughing at this photo! Wahaha!

Jim’s expression was so cute! Judie’s costume and makeup was 超赞!!

Judie reminds me of Ju-on here.. Lol!

Seriously Judie was damn good! I remembered she DRIFTED (飘) into Club Strawberry de lor!! LMAO! That was the first time I saw her. (Talk about first impression! LOL!) E was staring at her and kept grinning. I didn’t know why until he said, “That’s my friend..” Wahaha!

Aww.. Those good, old fun times! Hope tonight will be fun too!!

(Nothing for 2010 because I fell sick on Halloween Night!! Boo!)

OH! By the way, do you know that I wore the same dress?? Heehee! I love my Misa dress loads and I hardly have much chance to wear it!!

Well.. I also wore it during Sony’s D&D (Theme: Masquerade) in 2010! ♥



Seems like I wear it once a year! LOL! But 2011 is ending soon and I haven’t wore it at all leh! >.<

Nah, I'm not gonna wear it tonight.. Nono for this year's D&D at Tyco either! xD


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