Halloween 2011 – 13 Cell event

23 Oct

Dinner at Uno Beef House! ♥ (It’s situated at Toa Pay Lorong 5! Try the food there!)

Random photo of myself! Muahaha!

Thinking: “Hmm.. What pose should I do?”

Met Poh for drinks while waiting for the rest to arrive. It’s been sooo long since I last saw him! Hope can meet up with him for chillout sessions soon! But aiya, he’s so busy with his studies, work and APPOINTMENTS (I never say DATES hor! LOL!)

My friends came and Poh finished up his drink and siam-ed. Act shy sia! Muahaha! But seriously, it’s so nice of him to accompany me at such short notice.. And for such a short time too! Great friend.. (So paiseh that I was late in meeting him! >.< Sorryy!!)

My sirloin steak is here!

“You GOT to try this if you are a beef lover~♥”

♥ 我最亲爱的牛牛 ♥

Apparently I’m their regular customer because..

Me: I want.. Sirloin..
Staff: *Interrupts* Sirloin steak, medium, without pepper.. I know!
Me: Haha! Thank you thank you!

Yayy! Finally my camwhoring partner reached..!! ♥

Heading to the pickup point for the 13 Cell event via bus..

I love this photo! But it was so blur!

Can’t be helped. Bumpy bus ride + dim lightings! >.<

Alighted the 13 Cell’s bus..! Headed to Bukit Brown Cemetery~ (But to add a mysterious feel, we were not told of the location in advance.)

Oooo~ Spooooookyy.. not.

Cards + lightsticks for us..

“Hmm. What the heck is this..?”

(As you can probably tell by my expression.. I was beginning to feel bored already..)

Found this photo in my camera!

Spooky! Woohoo!

While waiting for our turn, we were taking turns to take photos with the “ghosts”.. Wtf right? -.-

Friendy lady ‘ghost’.. (IF ‘she’ is really female..?)

“She” loves to camwhore too~ xD

I was adjusting my camera settings to night mode when “she” quietly stood in front of me.. Trying to scare me? Lol! But my response was.. “Oh.. Haha!”

The other ‘ghosts’..

As you can tell from the photos.. They put in “a lot” of efforts in this event. Feeling so scammed! Elise and Henry were commenting that even we could do a better job! (I think the “haunted” mansion during the Sodabeta Halloween party was better than that lah! And they didn’t even have to do it at a cemetery for the added atmos-fear!)

I forgot I had night blindness! Luckily Elise let me hold her hand while we walked down the dark paths!

Supposed to use the card to exchange for some hellnotes and used those hellnotes to exchange for sourvenirs from this (fake) priest.

Ended up.. The priest knocked off already!? We never got our hellnotes, see the priest or got our sourvenirs..!

Towards the end of our walk, we started wondering aloud, “Where’s the priest? Priest leh?” Then I said, “You all say priest, machiam saying Pris lor!” Haha!

There were some “ghosts” along the route to scare us.. Eh. Okies.. ANYWAY. Well, I’m glad I came with Elise and gang because they made it so funny! Elise tried scaring the ghosts and screaming randomly.. For the fun of it. LOL!

Once a “ghost” slowly walked towards us and Elise happily greeted him, “Hey, wassup man!” LMAO!

Sent us back to Toa Payoh.. We headed to MacDonald’s for some drinks and supper.

My verdict for the 13 Cell event..

“I’m so bored max..!”

And I was so tired after the 30-minute walk!! (Well, THAT is scary.. Considering I was wearing my high-heel boots! Eh.. I never read the email.. We were supposed to wear COMFY shoes.. Dammit!)

Later I realised API also organised an event Bukit Brown cemetry. It was a day tour, mainly to get a better understanding of the cemetery. It’s actually an interesting and meaningful landmark! Aww.. I wish I joined the API event instead of the 13 Cell’s one!

But well, it’s over!

And I was cheered up by.. FOOD!


Made Elise take photo with a nugget too!

Which she onz-ed me! So sporting, like always! ^^

The cute Melody dust cap that Elise bought for me!

Cute max! I LOVE IT! ♥

I love this top.. Cool hor!

Very comfy to wear too!

Paid SGD 50 for it and I realised it’s selling online for USD 20+.. I got scammed again! But oh well, I love it a lot so it’s ok lah!

Home.. Bleahx. Bored max! *Pout!!*
Sianz sianz sianz! My Saturday night.. Ended just like THAT?! NOo..!! T^T

Had my own Halloween Camwhoring Party! LMAO! (Like that also can?!)


One of my most commonly used poses..

Used another program to edit the photo..
I like the feel of it! ♥

While camwhoring, I remember some of my friends suggested that I try some sexy shots! LOL!

Eh.. Will these do?

I look like I have shorter hair here.. Maybe can consider having short hair ya?

Hmm.. How to be sexy??

(I will seriously thinking about that when I was taking this photo! LOL!)

Well…… I honestly did try some sexy poses in just my.. NO, I don’t dare to share THOSE photos online! But I must say.. I surprised myself! Heehee!

Tada! Check out the differences:

With makeup (and fake lashes) vs Without makeup

Makeup and fake eyelashes are so amazing! ♥

I’m so grateful that I’m born a girl! I can play around with makeup! Weeeeee~

I’m not into using fake eyelashes.. Or should I say, WAS not! Bought this pair of dramatic eyelashes from DAISO for fun.. (YES! That amazing pair of fake eyelashes only costed me $2!!) After buying, I thought.. “NO WAY, I’m not wearing THAT! It’s not my style! Too dramatic!”

But well, after my recent transformation.. I’m thinking, “WHY NOT? Anyway, it’s HALLOWEEN!”

Halloween’s the best time (and EXCUSE) for us to dress and behave differently! Muahaha!

I’m so gonna buy more of that kinda amazing eyelashes and give to my girlfriends!! Let’s all get pretty and vain together! Heehee! ♥

P/S: Having said that.. I don’t think I’m THAT dilligent enough to wear fake eyelashes EVERYday! Haha! For normal days, I still have my awesome ZA mascaras~ (Plus the lovely REAL eyelashes that I’m born with.. Thanks to God and my parents! Heh!)


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