Searching for my outfit for the Halloween Party!

29 Oct

My brunch!

Went around to find:
1. White shirt
2. Black vest
3. Tie / Bow

I wanted to get something like this!

Why do they all look sooo slim!!

Finally my outfit is done!!
Close enough lah..

Can’t find the ribbons but I’ll just have to make do with the tie bah! The back of the vest is different but at least the front looks similar! LOL! Not bad considering that I only searched for a few hours lah!

Tired max lah!! Lazy to search for the socks. Anyhow bought a pair of white leg warmers.. but I think I should get BLACK ones?? Argh!?

Pampering myself with Chiang Mai Mango Blend!

Finally home.. Gonna take a short rest first! :D


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