Bought new hairbands again! >.<

3 Nov

Why did I see this before Halloween!! >.<

Just a quick recap, my “school girl” skirt was something like this..

The bunny ears that I had for Halloween (2 years ago)~
I love it but it is too loud to be wore during normal days..

And today I found this!! ♥
Can be adjusted in various ways for different looks~ I like!!

Picture 1: Bunny ears, at the side
Picture 2: Looks sorta like a ribbon hor?
Picture 3: Bunny ears, in the middle

By the way.. Does it reminds you of SOMETHING?

Hint: Bunny + heart-shaped specs

My t-shirt!!

Now I have a pair of new bunny ears to wear even on normal days liao! Weeeeee~♥


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