I wanna spreeeeee..!!

8 Nov

Finally..!! Woohoo!! It’s been a long while since I saw such amount in my bank account!! At least.. 3 years? So tempted to cash out my insurance savings balance just to get the shiokness of seeing more money in my bank account! #CheapThrils

But nooo, I will surely splurge it all away in no time!! >.<


And my facial balance too!

And buy my Samsung MV800 CAMWHORE camera!
I even have a name for her already.. Ms Camwhore! LMAO!

And I wanna buy this! Cool max eh!! (Not the DSLR! Lol!)

And of course.. I WANNA BUY THIS!!

Have bought some stuff from Gmarket!

One of them is THIS!



I wonder if it can connect to iPhone as well?

Samsung MV800 + Connector + iPad2 (and all the cool photo editing apps) + Portable Printer = FREAKING COOOOOOL!!

Imagine this! I take photos with Ms Camwhore, transfer to iPad2 using connector, edit photos and print with my portable printer!! Wow wow!! Not to mention that I can upload the photos to Facebook, Twitter and my blog!

OH WAIT! Ms Camwhore has photo editing features too! And when I finally have my iPhone 4s.. I can use the front camera!!

Feeling so so so blissful now~~ I can take photos of Mamalove and print until she buay tahan!! LMAO! She loves people to take photos of her! :)

OMG! I’m gonna be such a cool friend to have! Who wanna be my friend?? LOL!

Still need to put aside some money for Shuqi’s wedding! Need to give her a very big ang bao! Bobian, she’s my beloved animal buddy leh!

Oh! And I need to buy a new portable harddisk! My previous one went missing! It’s PINK! I hardly used it and it just went missing one day!! Wondering if any of my sisters took it!! *Sulks!* o(T^T)o

Ok, the rest must put into my RHB for my study loan!

Oh maybe I can spare a bit more to buy a new branded bag to put my ipad2, Ms Camwhore, portable printer and iPhone 3gs (soon-to-be 4s)..?? Hmmm..

Re-read this entry and I realised I sound like a geek! Hahaha!! I’m so excited lah!!

Really hope I can get Ms Camwhore tomorrow!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!


6 Responses to “I wanna spreeeeee..!!”

  1. Richard November 9, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    I am also getting the MV800 camera. Pls tell me the best price to buy since u are an ex Samsung staff.

    • Prissy November 10, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

      Hi, I’m going to buy from Alan Brother (Lvl 1, Sim Lim Square). It’s selling at nett $410. (I think it may be a bit more expensive if you are paying by credit cards or nets.) Comes with free camera pouch and 8gb memory card. Have checked prices for the cameras that I bought previously. In the end, Alan Brother had the cheapest prices (with freebies)! Have bought 3 cameras from them during the last 5 years!

      Samsung staff price is slightly cheaper (by around $10) but there’s no pouch and memory card.

      I think Courts and Best Denki are selling it at $499! Not sure if there’s any freebies, I didn’t ask.

      Good luck with your purchase!

  2. Rachel January 31, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    hey dear,

    where can I get the polaroid connector to print instant photos from the camera?
    Able to connect to all kinds of models? (:

    • Prissy January 31, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

      Hi Rachel,

      So sorry dear! I missed out on ur enquiry! Anyway, you can simply use back the usb cable that comes with your digital camera. The polaroid portable printer doesn’t provide the cable since different brands of cameras have different ‘heads’.

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