Another new Bunny tee!

10 Nov

Went J8 to buy vouchers (for work).. Aye, there are too many temptations there! Tsk tsk!

Tried a few white dresses.. Nice but they are too see-through! Why oh why must the white cloth be so thin nowadays?? The lady said it’s thin so that it won’t be hot.. Sounds lame lor!

And then I saw this! BUNNY TEE..!!! ♥
Cute max!

Pampered myself with GOOD FOOD! Woohoo!

Rested at home and left the house to meet Darling! (Cabbed over.. As usual! >.

It’s been a long while since I last set food foot (LOL!) on Esplanade!

(My iPhone 3gs camera is so lousy at times! I want 4s!!!)

Poh whatsapped me.. Told him I was waiting for Darling to knock off then later she gonna bring me go ‘pak tor’. He said Darling and me are like lesbians! Wahaha!

Reached Barossa! Darling and I looked so happy to see each other! Lol!

Weeeeee~ Darling to knock off liao!

Headed to Beach Cabana at East Coast Park for our chill out session! Muahaha!

My (overflowing) 7up Float!

I prefer the Cabana.. ROOM! Haha! At the Harris Resort in Batam! I miss overseas vacations! When can I have one again!! Sigh.. :(

(Oh! By the way, my lashes look long in that photo! Haha! I love my ZA mascaras! ♥♥♥)

Aww.. This kitty is so cute!! So fat and clean!
Hello, kitty!

Saw a few cats like that and wondered aloud, “How come the cats here are all so fat?”

Darling answered, “Because they have a lot of things to eat HERE!”

True true! Hahaha!

It was getting late so we parted ways.

Darling sent me this photo after she got home!
Aww.. I’m missing my girls already! :)

That’s me in my new Bunny tee! ♥

Sleepy liao.. *Semi-opened eyes*
Ok! Time to remove makeup and bath!!

Was playing around with my hair and tada..!
Ok, this is quite random! Haha! But I like this!

Maybe I should tie up my hair more!

Just to share something funny! I was in the midst of bathing when I took this photo! The bun is too nice! And I didn’t use any pins or clips to hold it in place at all! But of course it didn’t last long in that state! Haha!


2 Responses to “Another new Bunny tee!”

  1. Josephine Cai November 14, 2011 at 7:39 pm #

    u mean u brought ur cam/phone in as well when u are bathing??? =.=

    • Prissy November 14, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

      Wahaha! OF COURSE! And my iPhone and Ms Camwhore are right beside me when I sleep too! ♥

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