Buying my digital camera.. >.<

11 Nov

10 Nov 11

Excitedly headed to Sim Lim Square to buy my digital camera!

But being the 路痴 I am.. It took me more than half hour to find this!
..I actually thought this is the same building as Sim Lim SQUARE! LOL!

Took me a few seconds to realize it’s not the right one! >.<

Cute little stray kitty that I saw while searching for the place!

Ok, THAT’s the right one!


Disappointed max!

Fortunately Darling called me and said she was knocking off early to buy her guitar! So sweet of her to cab over to find me!

Went to The Body Shop and I bought these!
Retail therapy is the best treatment for depression caused when I can’t buy something that I wanted so much! ♥

Item 1: Some balm with energizing effects when applied to the pulse points (i.e. Wrists). Curious so I bought it to try!

Item 2: I love the bottle. Muahaha! And with one puff, your skin will be covered with a layer of glittery powder! Like fairy dust! Makes me feel like a magical princess! ♥

Item 3: I love the strawberry scent so much! ♥

Item 4: Darling and I bought stuff until we got the membership card. Each. >.<

11 Nov 11

Now you see it..


NOW YOU DON’T!! (I mean my stack of $50s, of course!)

Aww! Welcome to my life, Ms Camwhore! Muuuacks! ♥


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