A random (happy) day in class..

15 Nov

Another schooling day for me~

Picture 1: On my way to class after work! Look nerdy hor?
Picture 2: Tried this bubble tea.. Ooh, not bad! Students get free upsize!!
Picture 3: The flavor I tried was Hokkaido Milk Tea~

Using the pen that Darling bought for me! :D
So cute, right!!

Was chatting with June and M during class. Thanks to our group project, we got closer! Class IS so much more interesting when we make friends with one another.. But they left the class earlier before the lesson ended! Left me alone~~~ o(T^T)o

So tempted to leave with them! Lol! BUT I DIDN’T! Prissy Is a good girl! :3

A funny incident during breaktime..

(June wanted to leave early but got caught by the tutor..)
June: You are so good looking today.. I thought you are the one giving presentation!
Tutor: Hahaha.. No use! Too late already!
Me: Haha! Nono, Mr Chua is good looking EVERYday~
Tutor: That’s more like it!

My tutor is really humorous lah! Actually his class is pretty interesting! Haha!

Another funny incident!

Halfway through the class, the girl beside me sheepishly asked me for help to retrieve..

..Her shoe!

How she accidentally kicked her shoe that far is a mystery to me! LOL!

Being the ‘chor lor’ me, I crawled under the table, trying to reach for her shoe but it was too far away! Hahaha! So unglam!

And then Mr Chua suddenly said, “..I teach halfway then people crawling under the table to retrieve shoe for others..”

WAHAHAHA! Luckily I’m very thick-skinned!! LMAO!!

(In case you are curious.. I finally managed to retrieve her shoe! Boy, she looked relieved! And very paiseh for making me go through all that.. Haha!)

Time really flies! Been a part time student for 2 months already! Exams are coming soon too!

Prissy likes to be a student! :)


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