How I wanna live my life..

5 Dec

Came across this via Twitter the other day..
And I think it’s so true!

Not happy with your current life?
Want your current life to be better?

Well, just follow that sentence: Imagine a new story for your life and start living it!

Know what you want and get what you want!

Another quotation that triggered my thoughts..

Indeed, I’ve been keeping too many ‘junks’ by my side.

My idea of ‘Junks’ = People who are:
– Always in some kind of troubles
– Complaining this and that
– Not cherishing / appreciating what they have
– VERY greedy and always wanting more when they don’t want to work hard

Was watching “美乐加油” when I feel that I’m kinda like the main character, always putting others’ interest before my own..

Being a Libra, I love harmony and hate conflicts / quarrels or any unhappiness.

BUT some people are NEVER contented. The more I give in, the more they want to find trouble / fault with me.


Such ‘junks’ don’t deserve my kindness and love! (Love, be it as family, friends or colleagues.) I shall cast them out of my life and give my kindness and love to those who are worthy! :)


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