Happy Day~!

8 Dec

Saw this pretty photo via Twitter so here’s sharing it with all of you~♥

Nowadays I’m feeling so happy everyday! I always love the Christmasy feel! Woohoo~! *High*

Looking forward to Christmas already!! ♥♥♥

Bought clothes, contact lenses, fake lashes.. Oh! And some reindeer ‘ears’ for my little gems! Steven is throwing a Christmas party! Finally.. A Christmas celebration with my own family! Have been spending Christmas with friends every year.. I guess I should really set aside more time for FAMILY! :)

And I gonna organise a Christmas lunch for my company! Was talking to Yong about their Christmas lunch menu.. And ended up chatting and giggling on the phone!! HAHA! He wanted to say 吃素的 but he said 吃草的! WAHAHAHA!! Always enjoy chatting with him~~ :D

Feeling so pampered! My dear colleagues have been helping us to order lunch almost everyday this week! I love my colleagues!!

Bought by Catherine yesterday!
Super yummy! ♥

Ordered by Corrine today!
Finger licking good!

Auntie helped us buy back chicken rice on Tue but I forgot to take photo! Haha!

Really enjoy having lunch with my colleagues in our pantry! Very grateful that I’m on friendly terms with them! We help one another. I’m happy to see them and I wish they feel happy to see me too!

Thanks to everyone who have showed me kindness in one way or another! I love you all!! ♥

Making my already bright day brighter with these colorful sweet candies!! ♥
我好开心哦! :D


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