Stacci’s Full Month Celebration

15 Dec

I don’t know.. Suddenly I had the urge to do a hair makeover!

So while I’m here in the hair salon.. The best way to pass my time is to BLOG SLEEP! But by the time I woke up, it was not done yet! Ahh..!

And the next best thing to do is.. BLOG! So here goes~~

12 December 2011

Stacci and Leroy.. The tired kids!
Actually Steffi was sleeping too.. In MY arms, so I couldn’t take any photos of her. Lol!

Best friends~~ So sweet! ♥

iPad and iPhone are every children’s best buddies..

Bubbles bubbles! ♥

I love the feel of this photo! ♥

Once again, happy birthday to Baby Stacci!!
I love you, little gem number 3! ♥

Oh no! It’s past the salon’s operating hours already! I’m the last customer and she is the last staff! She’s really nice and professional even though she must be very eager to knock off now! Okay! Will support her more~ :)

Hope my hair turns out to be damn chio..!! ♥


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