Busy but happy day!

22 Dec

Oh yay! Got the cheque to pay for my school fees! :D

X’mas chocolates and candies!

Happy 冬至 everyone! ♥

Went PS with my RaRa members to buy X’mas stuff for tomorrow’s party! :D

My yummy lunch~
Picture 1: FREE soup!!
Picture 2; Crystal treated me to Coke! Aww, she knew I wanted to drink that without asking me! So sweet! ♥
Picture 3: My steak.. Not bad but the BBQ sauce was a bit too salty. >.<




Lovely boxes~
Reminds me of my ex ex bf. We used to have celebrations together every month during our 5-years relationship. I would do / buy special presents for him. And of course he would buy me flowers and presents too~ :)

Used to take that for granted until.. Sigh.

Dear Santa, I’m sorry to take things for granted! All I want for X’mas is a handsome + loving + HONEST + FAITHFUL + rich bf!

Muahaha! Opps! Seems like I’m too greedy! I don’t care! I want!! >.<

Oh ya! Back to my day.. ;P

Back at the office.. More work to do!!

Making the jigsaw puzzles!

By the time I finished doing the jigsaw puzzle, designing the ePoster for tomorrow’s Best Dressed contest and mass-sending it out..

..Crystal, Rosalind and Sng had already packed and wrapped the candies, chocolates and presents!
Awesome! ♥

Guide to making a X’mas tree.. by Sng!
Wah seh! Not bad right!!

Had to add 10 more pax for tomorrow’s X’mas lunch!! Emailed Yong and realised the whole office was out for company retreat!! Ahhh!!

Whatsapped him and fortunately he had the caterer’s contact details with him! Phew!

He mentioned that they were having healthy baking class. So I told him, “..I’ll feel so guilty if u overbake ur food and become chao ta! Haha!”

Later he sent me these photos!
Wah! Looks good! Maybe I can plan such classes for my staff next time.. :D

Did OT until about 8pm and rushed to Junction 8 for very last minute shopping!

Passed back Popular bookshop and..

..RUSELL LEE!! OMG!! *Excited max!*
I went in immediately and buy 3 of his books!! :D

He’s so nice lor!! He took time to chat and take photos with every single one! I enjoyed our little chat! He also asked me for my age, I asked him to guess and he said, “15?” Told him I’m already 29 and he was so amazed! Muahaha!

Look what he wrote for me!! :D

Just reached home and Steven whatsapped me these!


Aww~ My cute little gems!!

(Steffi didn’t feel like taking photo tonight.. Lol!)

Later Steven asked me to Face Time him via our iPad2.. And I saw STEFFI and LEROY! They looked happy to see me and kept calling me! Aww~~ I’m happy to see them too!! ♥

Showed Mamalove and let her join in the Face Time too! The little ones were happy to see her too! Mamalove was so delighted!

When it was time to end the Face Time, Leroy cried!

But.. But.. We see one another EVERYday and they just live next door leh! LOL! That silly boy! Hahaha!

May everyday be happy like today! Looking forward to tomorrow’s X’mas party!!


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