24 Dec

Supposed to go 拜拜 with Ah Zhang but it has been raining heavily since morning!! 哪来这么多的水来下雨啊!?

Saw this article..
Is this Singapore!!?

We are paying more and more but yet.. SIGH.

Trains (are STILL) breaking down.. Floodings (that are becoming regular until they are practically predictable).. Cabs getting more expensive..

Really makes me wonder where our money goes..

*Change to a happier topic*

I’m meeting my ex colleagues from Samsung again tonight! Weeeeee~

Went out with them yesterday! Had dinner, watched MI4, chilled out and of course, shared many updates, jokes and laughter.. As usual!

Always amazed that we don’t feel distant even though I have left Samsung for a few years already!!

Didn’t take much photos because I was tired from my company’s X’mas party! Plus I have too many backlog already!

Speaking of which!! Stay tuned to my blog for the entry about my X’mas party in Tyco!

And.. I really, really must find time to blog about the USS AND MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING! >.<

Saw Typicalben blogged about it and I told Shuqi, "You are famous liao! I saw your bridal photo in his blog!"

She went to see and told me that my photo was captured too!!


I went to see again.. Wah, really got!
But LOL! So small! Phew!

But I’m kinda touched that my dear animal buddy can spot me even though my picture was sooo small!!

So happy for her that she has a good hubby! :)


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