A random sleepy day.. Zzz

27 Dec

Slept the whole day away and woke up at night!! The result was.. Couldn’t get to sleep until 5plus in the morning!!! Ahhh!!! Finally I dozed off.. But my parents had to pick that time to chat and switch on the TV!!


When I was leaving for work (sleepily), sweet baby was still sleeping in bed!
Lucky girl! We are all so envious of her lor! No kidding!

Did this simple handicraft thingy.. And Rosalind seemed to like it a lot!
Ahh, I feel so appreciated!

Bought this little horsie! So cute!
Made in Japan.. At least that’s what the seller said! >.<

Bought the other stuff (except the Forever Friends holder) for myself~ :D

My white strap got dirtied! Time for a new one! Woohoo!

It’s PINK and has this little camera too!

Unwrapping presents.. Wah! Mostly are food!! >.<

Adrian got me this!!
Omg it’s so cute..!!!

By the way.. Did you see how bad my dark circles were!?

Boohoo.. Tired max! Bedtime~~ Sweet nitey all! ^^

By the way, I bought many many things for myself! So many until I’m feeling a weeny bit guilty already! Haha! >.<

I'm so excited!! :D


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