Moving from 2011 to 2012

1 Jan

31 December 2011

Hello Cab Uncle.. >_<
Photo taken with the FRONT camera of iPhone 4gs.. Yeah~ My hp has a front camera at last! LOL!

Supposed to meet Ah Zhang at Vivo MRT STATION but erm erm.. I got distracted! Haha!!

I think my little gems will love it here! xD

Waiting for Ah Zhang at the MRT station~
Trying out my new iPhone 4gs camera again!

Photos are indeed clearer (If taken using the back camera).. Woohoo! As for the front camera, I find it irritating that when I’m taking the photo, it shows the mirror image. After the image is captured, the photo is flipped horizontally.. ARGH!! So frustrating to see my nice photos become uglified lah! So in the end, I used the back camera while camwhoring!

(I guess I’ll stick to my Samsung MV800 for camwhoring instead! It doesn’t have the kind of problem! ♥)

Went to a temple to pray.. May my year 2012 be smooth-sailing please!!

Had lunch at MOS Burger.. which I just realised I didn’t take any photos at all! Somehow.. Going to pray at temple always make me feel drained and exhausted!

Was queuing to pay for some stuff when I saw this!
Makes us look slimmer, right!! Muahaha!

Oh yah.. I only wore my Angry Nerd t-shirt, shorts and my black shoes (with PINK laces~♥) Didn’t feel underdressed.. Until AFTER I reached Vivo City! Haha! It’s a good thing that I resisted the temptation to wear SLIPPERS! Haaha!

But having said that.. I love my cute t-shirts and shorts! So most likely, I’ll wear like that to town area AGAIN! Wahaha! Comfy mah!!

Saw my Sis posting this photo of Steffi in her FB!
WAHAHA! My little gem is too cuuuuuuute!!

Good things must share! Showed it to Ah Zhang, tweeted it and whatsapped to friends! Steffi’s fan base is growing! Ahahaha!

Next stop: GONG CHA!

Saw my reflection in the mirror.. Wah CHIO! Took photo.. Wah CUI! o(T~T)o

Really like this blurry background effect!
I didn’t even tap on the screen to select the focus area! Hp technology is moving so fast! Awesome max! :)

Ah Zhang had to go off for his next appointment.. Time passed so fast!

Was whatsapping with friends during my solo MRT journey..

!Someone msged me something which resulted in this expression of mine.. LOL!
(-___-) + sulk

Finally reached home! Was feeling so tired.. And it was only about 9pm!? Age’s catching up with me liao lah! LOL!

Tada! 2 more cute t-shirts to add to my collection~

From Candy Empire!
So happy to see this again!! They stopped sellng it during my secondary school days.. I think?

Just reached home and saw my sis and her family heading out to Countdown Party.. Jioed by Mamalove.. (READ: FOR OLD PEOPLE)

LOL! Oh well, I’m feeling old so okay lah! Besides, the little gems were going! Of course I want to join them!

(So nice of Steven to go too! Especially when he could have gone to countdown parties that are more happening! Next time I also want a hubby who treats Mamalove well!)

Me and Stacci!
(Urgh, I don’t like orange lights! >.<)

Me and Steffi!

Acting emo..

Omg, she is cheekier than me! Cute max!!

Me and Leroy.. Who wasn’t in the mood for photo taking! >.<
Leroy’s speech bubble: I seriousy can’t be bothered..

Watching the 歌台..

What are they looking at?

OH! At their reflections! LOL!

PWNED.. Opps, I mean pawned! xD

Sayang-ing Baby Stacci!


Steffi also sayang-ed her, just that there’s no photo. >.<

So happy that Steffi and Leroy are so affectionate towards Baby Stacci and us! ♥

It's Slurpee time!



Leroy was playing but..

..he looked like he was praying to Fortune God! LOL!

1 January 2012

Love this photo of Mamalove! She looked so happy!

Took some video clips of my little gems but I’m too lazy to edit and upload! Maybe later.. Heehee!

Ending this entry with Mamalove’s photos!
She helped to fill in the colors! Cool eh!

Earlier on when we walked past these pillars, Steffi told us, “外婆 color 那个 meow leh!”

Thank God for blessing us with these 3 little angels! ♥♥♥


2 Responses to “Moving from 2011 to 2012”

  1. phgoh January 3, 2012 at 10:03 pm #

    eh my house area de pawn shop! HAHAHA!

    • Prissy January 9, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

      Wah! You live so near me! xD

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