3 Jan

Warning: This is gonna be a VERY long and wordy entry.

Recap: My Highlights of Year 2011)

– Bought iPad2

– Started my Degree course for HRM & MGT (Hope to let Mamalove attain her wish of having another daughter wearing the 四方帽!)

– Did the review for Samsung MV800 (and later buying MY very own MV800 aka Ms Camwhore!)

– Broke the ‘spell’ (FINALLY) and live my single, simple but happy life

– Had awesome birthday celebrations (Yes! 1 birthday but 3, 4 celebrations!)

– Bade farewell to my old blog with sad memories and created my new happy blog

– Got my nerdy spectacles

– Improved in my skill of putting fake lashes! (YES LAH!)

– Shuqi’s wedding! (Not forgetting being her Jiemei and emcee!)

– Got ‘arrowed’ to perform a play on stage during D&D (Got the votes of the 2 biggest bosses! Yayy!)

– Birth of Stacci!

– Steffi’s & Leroy’s First Stage Performance!

– Became closer friends with my current colleagues

– Bought iPhone 4s

– Bought my “Prissy” necklace

These are the major ones, I guess! Would love to add “Passed all my modules” but unfortunately, I don’t know my results yet! >…<

– Spend spend spend too much! Besides cab fare, I've honestly splurged too much on things that I even forgot that I'd bought! Needless to say, I don't need most of them! And I seriously ought to STOP BUYING stuff that I think I'd have a use for them SOMEDAY, IN FUTURE.

Argh! Guilty as charged! Have mercy, your Honor!

(Okay, I know I still have many more but it's too depressing to think of more shortcomings to admit! Haha!)


Reflect: My improvements

– Punctuality at work! Hahaha!

– Discipline to attend night classes! (My family thinks I won't go for classes because I don't have any friends accompanying me to take the course.. Haha! Well, if I think that's gonna happened, I wouldn't have invest MY money in! $16k+ ok!)

– Spending more time with family.. How could I resist the charms of my 3 little gems? I'd rather stay at home with them, bring them go gai gai than to party until tipsy! Can't understand why some mothers can actually dump their poor kids at home and go flirt and drink with other strangers! Don't they realise.. Once they miss out on their children's childhood, they'll never be able to turn back time! I wanna be with my little gems while they are still glued to me! Experienced the joy of the slightest things they do; the frustrations they are naughty; the dunno-whether-to-laugh-or-to-scold feeling that only innocent but mischievous souls can make you feel!

Love their laughter, their smiles, the way they suddenly bump-hug me (LOL! Those who have experience with kids will understand what I mean!) and tell me, "Ah Mai I love you!" Heart always aches whenever they cry and call for me when I leave their house.. Even though I'm just staying NEXT DOOR! Awww..My babies!

I can go on and on about them forever.. Argh, writing (and thinking) of my little gems makes me emotional!

Finally, if you can make it this far without skipping this entry..


1. Try out 12 different new things that I haven't done before. (1 thing per month, not too much to ask for?)

Right now I can only think of.. Attending the baking class alone, trying another style (NO MORE CUTIE IMAGE!).. Oh wait, I think I already tried the (mild) sexy and mature image during Shuqi's wedding!Argh.. Shall think more!

2. Save up for my future apartment!

Don't know how much it costs though! Need to do research! But I'm wondering if I should buy an apartment in MALAYSIA instead!? SG properties are really too expensive! At this rate, I'll never be able to afford one! o(T^T)o


Create more positive vibes and applying the Laws of Attractions, attract more positivity into my life! Life in 2012 would be GOOD!


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