Busy Saturday!

7 Jan

Lily from Kaplan emailed me at 11.44pm LAST NIGHT to tell me that I have a class today at 10am to 1pm!! Whhaaatt!? o(T^T)o

It’s a good thing that I happened to check my email! Else I won’t know about the class in time! Phew!

But that means I have to rush off to Eunos for the Muffins Making Class later! Argh!!

Paid my fees for the semester.. Got my books! Woohoo!

My first class!
So many books!! Ahhh!!

Wanted to leave earlier to go for the Muffins Making Workshop but Dr Roland’s class is too interesting!

“Use NEW DOOR to form one word.”
“Use NEW DOOR to form ONE WORD.”

He kept repeating that while I was racking my brains for the answer.. And suddenly it dawned to me..

The answer is ONE WORD!

Hahaha! *Slaps forehead!*

The reason for playing this game: Sometimes we already had our own perceptions / ideas.. Even when others tell us the truth / answer, we fail to listen and insist on doing what we believe is right! Dr Roland also mentioned, “Sometimes we think we are so good, we are not willing to change.”

That really knocked me to my senses! Indeed, I keep justifying my (wrong) actions! I should really admit and face my mistakes so that I can change myself and be a better person!

Easy to say but not easy to do! I need to try very hard!!

Rushing off for my Muffins Making Workshop!!!

This cab uncle is old but darn zai!

Our pretty teacher~

Alritey! Our turn to do!

Baking baking in the oven~~ :3


Batch 1
Got onions!?

Batch 2
Normal muffins.. Phew! Lol!

Batch 3
First time making muffins with wheat flour! Wonder how’s the taste is like? Hmm..

Remember that I said I want to try doing 12 different new things in 2012? Well, that’s one! In the past, I wouldn’t have gone to attend a Muffin Making Class, especially ALONE! But I did!

Yeah! Good job! (Must encourage myself Lol!!)

1 down! 11 more to go! :)


2 Responses to “Busy Saturday!”

  1. trialsinfood January 8, 2012 at 2:20 am #

    looks good!

    • Prissy January 9, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

      Thanks! They tasted pretty good too! (Surprisingly.. LOL!)

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