Another typical simple day of mine~

10 Jan

Eddy suddenly asked if I wanna meet him for dinner.. Wah! Ok! When was the last time I saw him!? (Luckily I dolled up today! Presentable enough to go town! LOL!)

Dinner at MOF!


He was telling me about his holiday trip.. Aww! Makes me feel like going overseas too!!

Wanted to go for a short trip after my last day.. But I just remember that my $1.5k will fly away this week! (For school and braces.. 值得!) ARGH! Better not splurge on an overseas holiday for now!

But.. Maybe I’ll still go anyway! See how bah.. 

Was super sleepy so I dropped by Coffee Bean on my way home~

By the way, I really love the special effects of the photos taken using the Path app! #justsaying

And oh! Tomorrow’s my dental appointment! Please please puuuuuleeeeease tell me that my braces can be removed already!!

And yah! My Garrett PINK tin! Should be delivered to me either tomorrow or Thursday! Hope my popcorns don’t lao hong yet! ~.~”

*Prays hard* 


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