21 Jan

For obvious reasons.. (At least, obvious to those who know me well enough or have been following my tweets~) I gonna be very free these days. Usually when I’m free, I’ll find some random stuff to do..

Always like to go forums and observe the drama (and be part of the drama.. LOL!).. Or observe people, get to know people and learn new stuff. But nowadays forums have too many annoying ads! Hence, I’m not keen in forums anymore.

Merlin was telling me about dating sites. Another friend got to know his gf through #Tagged and so I decided to kaypoh there! Haha!

Joined for a while.. Sad to say, NORMAL people are like rare gems. (Not to mention good looking ones! 人家的确是比较喜欢帅哥嘛! >.<)

Apparently, common sense is not that common.. -.- And a piece of advice for friens who are shy, inexperienced, don't have / had very few relationships before and wanna find partners.. Don't try Tagged! Or other FREE dating sites / apps!

Read on to find out why..

Why I Clicked NO..

A nice (preferably branded) brief doesn’t cost much, does it?
And honestly I don’t think his figure is impressive enough.. I rather see a photo of him WITH CLOTHES. (And a charming smile please!)

Wah. Eh…
The head gear thingy is cute but that’s so.. I don’t know, I’m speechless!

Here’s a guy who spells out what he wants.. Literally.
Even if I’m looking for a guy to sleep with.. It definitely won’t interest me.

Wah. Straight? Gay? Bisexual?
I don’t wanna share my guy with another GUY. Lol!

Eh….? Guy? Girl? Half guy, half girl??
Straight? Gay? Lesbian? Bisexual?

There are better places to take photos.. zzZ
Great body though! Would be great if the background is different..

Too “abstract”.. Lol!

Ehh.. How the heck do I know which one is you??

Nice legs? Lol!
Somehow it made me imagine: His gf (if any) doing chores while he just nuah like that..

This little boy is sooo cute!!
If the boy owns the account, I would add him! But obviously not.

Wow. Is he in one of the car? Lol!

Wah. Eh.. Speechless again.

On a boring night.. I saw this!


Her photo

Advertising again..

*Attention seeker alert*

I guess she is really lonely and insecure. As we can see, it’s probably due to her appearance.

I wonder if I’m ugly, would I behave like her? Probably.

Looks DOES matter. But having said that, it’s not about being born with good facial features, good complexion and nice hair, etc. Looks are more than that: Clothes, attitute, words, body language, personal hygiene… And the list goes on.

I used to be super ugly. (NO WAY AM I POSTING MY OLD PHOTOS HERE! NOoo!! >.<) So even if we are born ugly.. With some efforts, we can look better and better!! :)

Let's work hard to beautify ourselves!! Be it our looks or personalities!!

Back to Tagged..

But well, don't lose hope!

Occassionally.. A SHINY STAR appears! Chio right!!

And this?
Lol! Super cute indeed! But nah, when did 吴尊 change his name? -.-

Of course, there ARE cute guys (only saw their photos though!) there too.. BUT NAH, I’M NOT SHARING!! BWAHAHA!!

Apparently I’m not the only one who wonders if people are what their photos show! Lol!

Once again, I don’t really think that’s a good place for soulmates. Not impossible to find but the probability rate is prolly 5%? And before that, you’ll be spammed with messages from … Okay, I shall not elaborate in case I get into trouble for making racist remarks here.

Oh well.. No harm trying, I guess? Just don’t get your hopes up lah!


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