Shuqi’s Housewarming Party~

6 Feb

Finally! Congratulations!! \(^∇^)/

Yesterday Kor came over to fetch me.. I miss being on a bike! Everytime I’m on a bike, 3 people will surely come to my mind: Kor, Zac and Affy! I don’t anyhow entrust my life to just anyone hor! (^_-)

So glad that Kor was around.. Because Punggol is like a gigantic maze for me! Especially when I’m such a direction idiot! Thanks to Kor, we reached Shuqi’s house pretty smoothly! Yayy!!

I guess this is the new look for HDB flats..?
I like it! Wish I can have my own flat too! *Waiting impatiently!*

Saw the kids playing with iPad2..
Darn.. I.. eh.. *in a small voice* brought my iPad2 too.. What does that make me..?? (°_°)”

As the others came much earlier than us, they left not long after we reached.. Goody! Got more space for us liao! And Shuqi was free to entertain us too! Double goody!! Muahaha!!

Took turns to play Wii.. Never expect Super Mario to be so fun! LOL!
Took us a freaking long time and seemingly endless deaths to clear only 2 rounds! WFTLOL! And I always thought only the 3 of us would LOL at one another’s jokes or actions because we are all siao ding dongs (aka crazy people).. But Shuqi’s friends saw the way we played and LOLed along!

One of the most darn epic incident in the Super Mario world: My char was chased by this rolling ball with spikes.. I jumped, I dodged, I even RAN BACKWARDS (towards the starting point) as I didn’t have time to jump over the ball!! ‘Sah sah’ (aka stylishly) jumped over the barrrels, thinking that hiding behind them was safe.

At this point in time, I guess everyone was still impressed and amused by my “skills”.. *Ahems* (I must say, I’m surprised by my “skills” too! Wahaha!!)

But alas! The rolling spiky ball easily smashed the barrels to pieces!! I ran but was stuck at the starting point.. Aka DEAD END!! So of course, my char DIED!! (T_T)

And that’s when everyone burst into laughter! Including myself too! But hey! I put up a good fight hor!! LOLWTF!

Shuqi and Kor wanted to play mahjong with the others so I played with my iPad2 and iPhone4s.. *Hugs!!* Since I was so free, I edited some photos (in this blog post), e.g. The rainbow-ish photo above! Nice right! (^∇^)y

And oh! This is the cute top that sweet Corrine gave me! Love it!

I love to edit photos! So fun!

And it makes boring photos become more interesting! Tada!
Amazing ya? (^_-)

Dinner time!

Shuqi suggested a SIMPLE steamboat since they have a lot of leftover ingredients..
How simple is THAT?? Oysters, scallops = leftovers?? LOL!! AWESOME DINNER!! WOOOTS~~

Seriously, I’m really happy that my best friend aka animal buddy got such a good hubby! He did most of the preparations and cleaning up! Good good! I’m happy when my loved ones are happy!! (*^_^*)

After dinner.. It was Wii time again!
Didn’t play it this time as I thought Tetris was so boring!!

But after watching my animal buddies.. I had a hard time controlling my laughter long enough to announce, “I totally take back what I said!” They really can make ANYthing become hilarious!!

Thank God for giving these 2 awesome animal buddies!! They are the best friends I have.. And I’m so happy that they have blissfully form their own families, have stable jobs and are generally happy! :):):)

Brought this super yummy chewy gummy bears..
Finished up by Kor and me! Wahaha! Can’t stop munching until the very last bear!!

Hope to meet up with my animal buddies again soooooooooon~~


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