Thoughts that kept me awake.. >.<

10 Feb

Changed new picture and cover at last
努力了3年, 终于能享受美好的成果啦!
Seeing my smile makes me so happy! I hope my new smile will make others feel happy too! :):):)

Was scrolling down my previous entries and remember that I haven’t blog about some of the events! Ahh!

Will try to blog but if I’ve forgotten some.. I guess we can forget about it then! Lol!

There are 3 very important events that I didn’t blog.. Since last year!!

1. Meeting Stacci!
Haven’t even edited the videos!

2. Shuqi’s wedding

3. USS
Eh.. Not exactly an important event but hey, my 1st (and only) time to USS ok!! And with 3 adorable (hyperactive) kids!!

Been wanting to blog about that but..

Almost 2 weeks had passed since my last day at work!! OMG SO FAST!? I have adjusted to my relaxing life so easily and fast! TOO easily and fast, in fact! Haha!

Really need to start doing the “tasks” that I planned to do!

Tomorrow, I mean later! DO MANICURE & PEDICURE!! The last time I went there was more than half year ago! My package is rotting soon.. Zzz. >.<

Saturday: Attend class + Celebrate Darling's birthday

Sunday: Attend class + Work on my projects!

Other things:
– Settle passport
– Set up iBanking for my RHB account
– Do facial + massage
– Cut fringe
– Help Steven sell his plushies

Oh! And GO SING!!

Sleeping time! Don't wanna oversleep and miss my appointment! GOODNITE!!


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