Smiley smiley~ :)

17 Feb

Went UOB to open a new bank account for my new job~

来来, 我给真字啦! ♪( ´▽`)
Was pleasantly surprised that there weren’t much customers there! Especially when the other banks (DBS and OCBC) were so crowded!

Asked them if it would take long as I was supposed to sign my LOA with Cortina Watch in an hour’s time.. The customer service lady said there were only 2 customers before me and the procedure won’t take long.

Waited.. Not long after, the queue number jumped to 1012. Thought it would be my turn soon but more than 30 minutes later, the queue number was still 1012!!

Popped over to see the counter I was assigned to.. NO STAFF THERE!?

Angrily walked to the customer service lady and asked why there was no staff there, trying to control my anger! She said apologetically, “Oh.. 1 of them went for lunch and the other ermmmm..” After she ended her sentence with “ermm”, I couldn’t hold back my anger anymore and demanded, “And you expect me to wait for nothing?? I have an important appointment later ok!!”

And “miraclously”, my turn was NOW! Oh wow. The lady attending to me was careful not to provoke me further and I tried to control my anger too. Called Recruit Express and asked the agent to help me inform Cortina Watch that I’ll be late. Sigh.

If the bank were crowded, I understand. But there were less than 10 customers there! More staff than customers lor!! Like that also can screw up!?

Rushed over to Cortina Watch and finally signed my LOA. Phew!

Alrighty!! Now that my serious business’s done.. Time to shop!! Woohoo~
♪( ´θ`)ノ♥

Tada! Almost $300 for this bag.. And the contents! Heh!
Guess what’s inside? Read on to find out! :D

Hadn’t eat the whole day so I headed over to HOT TOMATO , 313!!


Still very yummy! Weeeeee~ ♥
Ordered the sirloin steak only, minus the prawns.. Only $11.90! Steak + Prawns = $13.90~ But I don’t think the prawns are that nice so I didn’t choose that again.

Very satisfied after shopping and lunch! Time to head for home~

See how big this Ralph Lauren bag is!! ♪( ´▽`)
Makes me look slimmer.. Muahaha! ♥

Okay! The contents!! Woohoo!! ♥
Other than the 75 ml perfume and the super huge bottle of body lotion, the rest are all FREEBIES!! (^_−)ノ☆

The super huge bottle of body lotion is $75 with freebies! Not bad eh? But this promotion is only available with each purchase of any Ralph Lauren products~

While stock lasts!!

No more MIRACLE (my old perfume)..

HELLO LOVE.. And little Love!
Seriously I think $219 for 75ml of perfume is pretty steep! But I really, really love the scent! Plus with the free bag and miniature Love, I guess it’s a pretty okay deal!

Happy happy shopping day!! ♥


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