Searching for my new “friend”

18 Feb

I can’t remember when exactly did I bought it.. At least 8 years ago?

iRiver n10. The smallest mp3 player back then.
Well, if it is still in production.. It may still be the smallest mp3 player.. But in terms of memory size? Keke! I bought the 512mb (biggest at that time!) for SGD 500+!! Can you believe it!! But I love it so much that I felt the money was worthwhile!!

It’s not my first mp3 player. But since then, a mp3 player is not merely a song player but a fashionable accessory too!

But alas! It died on me after 2 years plus when I dropped it on the floor. Goodbye my old friend!

My next fashionable mp3 player (purple color)
Finally I found one that I actually like more than my previous iRiver n10!! Sad to say, the usb charger was too small! While shifting my stuff around, I lost it = Can’t charge = Can’t use!

For these 2 fashionable mp3 players, I like their necklace earphones! The user can wear the mp3 players like a necklace with the ear phones dangling by the side!


I do have 3 mp3 players (1 is spoilt but still can be used for storage as if it’s a thumbdrive, still using the other 2). But they are not suitable to be used as a fashionable accessory.

For example, this one~
I must say, this is good! Been using it for about 4, 5 years and it is still in good working condition!! Wow! Battery life is pretty good too!! But as you can use, it’s been badly disfigured liao! Haven’t bought any mp3 players ever since I left Samsung 3 years ago!

I love music. I am vain. But I’m usually too lazy to wear any accessories except for the diamond ring that Edwin gave me 9 years ago (habitual). So what suits me most would be a mp3 player “necklace”!

Been trying to find one that I like! Searched for a long time. And finally saw..

Updated version of iRiver n10!!
But alas! By the time I saw it, it is out of production already!!

Saw this

And this!
Omg! Chio max!! Couldn’t find any place that sell these! I think they decorate it themselves?? Disappointed again..

And yesterday!! My hope is back! Because I saw this!!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I WANNA THE PINK ONE!!

And wow! They have different types and colors of straps to use it as a watch!! Awesome!





Almost bought it but I was worried about these:

– Transferring of songs.. Difficult? (Especially since I don’t like to tranfer songs via iTunes! So troublesome! >..<

Read through the reviews. Although some said the amount wasn't worth it. Not as good as it's previous models.. But it looks okay to me! (As long as pretty, I'm okay! Even better if it is available in PINK!)

Shall sleep it off and decide whether to buy or not later! :)


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