Revamping my blogskin

19 Feb

Well, I just made a little weeny bit of changes here and there.

And I accidentally made this error! HAHA!
Opps! But it looks quite cool eh? Lol!

Looking at my current blogskin.. Can you spot the differences? No prize for the right answer though. Heh!

My main (also the most significant) change is removing my Twitter. Yes, I don’t wish to make it public anymore. And I’ll start deleting random strangers who added me. That’s gonna be my virtual space for my thoughts, rants, chats and whatever random but funny nonsense (lol) with my friends.

My life’s been getting better and better! And I just got more ideas for revamping my life even further! Woohoo~♥

By the way, that includes revamping my FRIENDS LIST! So if you want your position to be secured.. LOVE ME MORE!! Muahaha!

Okok I know I haven’t even finish some of the little tasks that I said I was going to do! But I just thought of 1 very, very important task that would change my life significantly! Just the thought of that.. The plans that follow next.. Ooh! Excited max!! BUT I hope I can get the go-ahead though!

*Praying hard* #Godsavesmepls

Stay tuned ya! ^^


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