Babysitting the little gems~

26 Feb

Wanted to post this yesterday but I was busy! Now that my test’s over.. Here goes!

25 February 2012 (Saturday)

Leroy.. Sitting like a boss! Lol! ♥

Mamalove brought Leroy out but later asked me to go fetch him back as he (suddenly) insisted on going home~

So I left the house, looking freaking unglam with my makeup-less face, pinned up fringe, ugly specs and oversized (but comfy!) t-shirt.. Lol!

Brought Steffi along because there wasn’t anyone else to look after her at home.

Didn’t expect to stay for long but..

..they were in the midst of some photoshoot!! What!?

And Mamalove wanted the gems to join in..!! What what!!? *Face palm*
Had to stay until Mamalove’s event ended.. Eh.. Why do I feel a bit scammed by Mamalove?? LOL!

Back at home..

Little gems saw me studying and took out their story books to read too! ♥
Aww.. So cute! Bunny see, bunny do! ♥

Later in the evening..

Going out for another Mamalove’s event again! ♥♥♥
Seriously she is more happening than me lah! Wtflol! Why is she so cool while I’m so boring! >.<

The little gems got to play before the event started! ♥

Splishy splashy!
And yes, here’s a video clip so that you can hear their angelic laughter!! ♥

Getting dark.. Time to go for the event~

Camwhoring with Steffi during the event.. =x
By the way, that’s my handwriting! Nice right!! Praise me! I know you want to! LOL!! ♥

Home again! Decided to try out the new curler I bought on.. Steffi!

Wow!! The effect was better than expected! ♥
CHIO RIGHT!? Looks like a Korean child celebrity hor! She put on the hat after I was done with her hair! Seriously she has more fashion sense than me! >.<

Was doing my facial mask and Steffi insisted that she wanted to try too!
Haha! My cute little vainpot! ♥

I know it’s not good to let her be exposed to cosmetics so young. But just once, hope it’s okay! Wanted to let her have fun peeling off the facial mask when it dried! (She did like it, as expected!) Haha!

After 2 full days of babysitting, I realised that my 二姐 and Steven really have a hard time with my little gems! Lost count of all their crying, “Ah mai 抱我!”, “我不要你!”, “你不爱我!”, “姐姐 (or 弟弟) 打 (or 踢 / 捏) 我!” and “我不要跟姐姐 (or 弟弟) 好了!”

But of course, it is also very rewarding to see them laughing and telling me that they love me! And the way they dash towards me all the time, even if I was only away for a little while! And oh! When they called me “妈妈” by mistake! Maybe they think I’ve a motherly feel? :)

Lying in the bed with Steffi now.. She insisted that I must sleep with her and I must hug her to sleep! Lol! This demanding little princess!

This is the 2nd and last time I can do this anyway! Her parents will be back tomorrow.. Hence, my mission will finally be accomplished! xD


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