My love is mine!

2 Mar

AT LAST!! Weeeeee~!! ♥
Our couple watches! We bought the same design! Hoho! (Didn’t expect to be so close with my new manager within just a week! She’s suuuuper friendly and fun to hang out with!! ♥)

Jokingly showed this to my manager, Jac! LOL!!

Close up shot of the cert (for the watch and the diamonds inside)!
Happy happy max!! ♥
Until now, I can’t believe that I can actually fulfil my dream and own this beauty!! I love it loads!!

Oh yah! You know, I was so suagu lah! My colleague was playing with the watch and..

Her: Woo~ The diamonds and snowflakes look so nice when they’re swirling
Her: All Chopard’s floating diamonds can do that mah..
The rest: *Nonchalant*

..Which means everyone there knows that except ME! I’m such a noob! >.<

Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful boss who dotes on me so much although I only work there for 1.5 WEEKS! Thank you, my dear boss! Without your help, I wouldn't be able to get this lovey beauty.. EVER! You have earned my respect, loyalty and love! I will willingly serve you faithfully as long as we are still in Cortina Watch!!

(Of course it's not just because of the watch! She's a really nice and funny boss! Truly enjoy working with her! The kind of boss who I wanna follow forever!)

Tomorrow's the last day of the private sales at our main office! Most of the great buys are prolly gone by now but well, you never know what treasures you may chance upon! No harm taking a look! (Anyway our office is at Ngee Ann City. So convenient!) Great discounts! Woohoo!! Up to 70% off! Additional 5% discount for Citibank cardholders!

Gonna save up for NEXT YEAR'S private sales already! Weeeeee~♥


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