My cute little gems!

3 Mar

Happy that Leroy is getting more crappy than emo-ish like he used to be!

He squeezed his butt in and excitedly asked me to see.. LOL!!

And he kept saying, “我的屁股进去了!”
LOL!! So cute lah!

Sneaked out of the house with Steffi (yes, without Leroy!) to buy sweets at the nearby 7-Eleven.

Steffi was giving me that cheeky grin while I whispered, “快点走.. 别让弟弟看到!”

(Leroy always throw temper over the slightest things lah! And he did that during the last time I brought them to 7-Eleven! So this time I wasn’t keen to bring him along! >.<)

The good thing about bringing Steffi out to buy things.. She always charms people and we always get discounts and freebies!!

Bought 2 cups of Slurpees for only $1 each!! The lady charged me student's price.. Because Steffi was busy charming her (instead of following ME!) while I went to get the ice cream! Tsk tsk but.. GOOD JOB! LOL!

Went to say hi to the pretty manicurist who did Steffi's nails! And as usual, the 姐姐 offered her sweets! Then Steffi told me, "我要擦(指甲油).." *Face palm* She's the vainest kid I ever know! LOL!

Was walking home.. Even something as simple as walking can be turned into a game! So we ended up playing and laughing on our way home.. Love her laughter!

She's so like me! Omg! People always mistake me for her mummy whenever I bring her out! Sometimes she calls me mama by mistake! *暗爽* LOL!!

Happy to see her sipping her Slurpee happily! :)
Really hope that I can make the little gems very happy during their childhood.. And of course, their WHOLE LIVES too.. IF they don’t find this Ah Mai of theirs too annoying when they grow up lah!

Back at her house~

Steffi.. Happily showing me her new pirate hat!
Stay cute always, my little gems!

Yup! Leroy and Stacci included!! :):):)


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