MJ with Animal Buddies at last!!

17 Mar

16 March 2012

Went up with Shuqi for dinner! She asked if I wanna eat bbq stingray and sotong! AWW~ SHE KNOWS WHAT I LIKE TO EAT! (Or maybe she likes to eat that too! Hahaha!)

After that, she drove me back to her house.. MAHJONG!!

Ahh!! 东南西北, 中发白, 筒子万子条子.. 我好想你们啊!!

Chun Cheung reached shortly.. Ooh~ I like his dust cap!!

So cute!! And it flashes!!
Mahjong was so fun! Kept laughing all the way lah!

One of my most epic wins: I had already 碰北 but it’s not my direction. Not doing 碰碰胡 and no “flower” or “animal”.. 没台怎么胡啊!! I just commented, “Aiyo!! 我碰北干嘛啦! 等牌可是胡不了!” >.<

While saying it.. Ooh!! I got the 4th 北!! 杠!! 补花.. WAH SEH! 花上自摸!! Lidat botaiboji also can win $2.40! (杠 + 自摸花上)

We kept 杠-ing and 咬-ing until poor Chun Cheung became very broke! LMAO!! I think we made more money from 杠-ing and 咬-ing than 胡-ing!

Once I happily blurted out 杠 instead of 碰! OMGLOL! 想杠想到疯了! Chun Cheung finally 杠 and he said "杠!" aloud! Shuqi also followed his lead by exclaiming loudly, "我胡!!"


Was group-chatting in Whatsapp today when Chun Cheung commented, "It's not mahjong liao. Should be gangjong or yaojong!" Muahaha!!


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