Where’s the love?

25 Mar

I’m sure most fellow Singaporeans have read / heard about the recent news of this Vietnamese lady quarreling with a Singaporean guy. You can read about it and watch the video clip here.

I have to admit, my first perception was that the Vietnamese lady must be the one at fault. Upon seeing the video.. I’m not so sure. The lady already walked off angrily but the guy followed behind her and kept taunting her. Until she turned back angrily and pushed him.

I must say he asked for it. And no matter who started the quarrel, the guy made a wrong move by agitating her further when she already walked off.

And personally I feel embarrassed that my fellow Singaporean man actually did that to a woman. (He seemed so bitchy doing that, by the way.) Nevermind which country she is from. And worse, his wife was filming it. And worser, they still think that it was SOLELY the Vietnamese lady’s fault. And worst-est, this incident became a hot piece of news in Singapore with the title: Woman causes scene on Tiger Airways plane

Which I feel that is pretty unfair to the Vietnamese lady.

We didn’t even know what exactly happened and based on only one party’s side of the story, this is the title that was used. Once again, it makes me question the quality and integrity of our local news providers nowadays. Can we trust the news provided by them?

But well.. No point commenting who’s right or wrong when we haven’t have all the facts right.

And come on lah, ASSUMING the lady is indeed crazy.. Why on earth would you agitate a crazy lady? Either you are also crazy or you are plain dumb lah! So who’s fault is it? The crazy lady’s or your fault? See my point?

Unless you admit you are crazy then fine, no one is at fault. Shit happens. It’s over now so let’s make peace. :)

ANYWAY.. The main reason for this post is because I’m wondering, WHERE IS THE LOVE?? While they were quarreling, NO ONE help. The passengers simply just alighted from the plane as if nothing was happening)!!

In fact, even the crew were doing nothing. They only “helped” when the guy approached them. Moral values aside, it’s their JOB to help their passengers! No??

Actually that point didn’t hit me that badly until I encountered a similar incident myself yesterday.

I was waiting for the MRT train on a very crowded platform (which has become a common sight nowadays, sad to say).

Train (finally) came. People were rushing out. Among them was this old lady who was walking out, only to be pushed back helplessly into the train!! She tried to get out of the train several times but was not strong enough to go against the human traffic. She got angry and started scolding in Cantonese while angrily pushing people out of her way. But she still couldn’t get out!

I managed to support her back with one hand and used the other hand to stop people from blocking her way. She finally got out of the train and turned back to furiously scold those who had pushed her. I kept saying “Auntie, 小心门!” while trying to pull her away from the train door! (Wah lau! Very gan cheong one ok! Already announcing “Doors closing” and the auntie still wanna stand there!! So scared that she will get kiap-ed by the train doors lah!!)

Can you believe that NO ONE went to help her??! Hello!! She’s an old lady leh!! And many people still pushed her to get into the train after she started scolding people for pushing her!

In the end, I didn’t get onto that train (which I could have). And the old lady stomped off angrily without a word of thanks. But seeing her so helpless, my first thought was to help her. And it’s something that I should have done no matter what. Rather have this happened then to see the headlines: Old Lady Kena Kiap-ed By MRT Train! Agree??

Now that I think about it, Mamalove is around her age. I wouldn’t want my own mother to suffer like that, how can I bear to see other old people suffering like that?? Which is more important? Getting onto that stupid train or helping an old lady??

Why can we see others in trouble and yet do nothing to help?
Why can we hurt others in order to get what we want?
Why did we stop caring about one another?

Where’s the love?

Today you help a stranger in need.
Tomorrow you may be the one receiving help.

Show some love and kindness to someone who needs it. :)
Who knows, you will also receive love and kindness when you need that most!

If I can have some rewards for helping people, I just wish Mamalove or my family and friends can receive help when they need it! I know this is corny but I love them all! May God keep them safe!

(Aye. The problem with being old.. I tend to get emotional randomly and easily. Probably because I’ve learnt to cherish life and for some people around me, time is running out for them.. Dreading the day for us to say our final farewells already. Sigh.)


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