Orwells.. Fuck yea.

28 Mar

(My first F-word in this blog! Because this is the best advice I’ve received lately. Read on to find out! Lol!)

These 2 weeks have been crazily hectic for me! Going to work early, ending work late.. Almost everyday! Tired max!!

Despite all the time spent, work never get cleared!
Why why! Feeling so discouraged, suffocated and trapped by the neverending stress, deadlines, unforseen (yet NOT unexpected) LAST MINUTE surprises from both work AND school!!

Thank God that my dear boss, Pat and some colleagues have been so understanding! :)

Seriously it’s taking a lot of willpower and patience for me to hold it out until now!! (Stressed until 2 pimples popped out already lor!! In my 30 years (ok, almost 30), I only had less than 10 pimples ok!!) And today was the presentation for my last assignment and it’s gotta be the most unpleasant class I ever attended in Kaplan!! Dear God, please let me pass because I really don’t like this tutor!

And I love my current job, I love my current boss even more! So I feel really upset that I had to do school projects and couldn’t do OTs at times as I had to rush off to meet my project mates! And yet, after my sacrifices and efforts, this is what I got: Disappointment. Why, God? :(

Was feeling so depressed over my project in class and then R said, “Don’t care so much. It’s over and done with, so fuck yea-!”

*Troll face*
Haha! Indeed, I should loosen up and be less strict with myself. If I can be so tolerant with others, why be so hard on myself.. Right?

Anyway, on a positive note, I CAN FINALLY PUT IN MY 100% FOCUS ON WORK TOMORROW!!

After our new outlet is finally opened, I’m so gonna pamper my poor body and mind!! My poor body is aching all over and my dark circles are so black now!!

Creaving for:

– Massage!
– Facial!
– Good food!
– Sing!
– Holiday!

Rawrs! Fuck yea! :D


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