Challenge accepted!

30 Mar

Went for some “therapy session” by Doc Steffi and Leroy.. :)

Got home, had a hot bath (SHIOK MAX) and lazed in bed eating taco pachi.. Or at least that’s what I intended to, before the sauce somehow spilled out of the plastic bag and onto my Haha!

Luckily the stains were easily washed away! But my poor Haha gotta sleep in the bathroom tonight..

Sob sob!
But no matter how bad the situation is.. As long as we look at it positively.. It won’t seem that bad after all!

*Sparkles represent positive vibes!

Let’s sparkle our lives with positive vibes!!

Time to apply my tiger balm cream and have my beauty sleep! Hope my headache will go away!

Dear God, please bless me and may things work out fine!! Pretty please!!


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