An unusual cabbing experience

10 Apr

OT-ed (again) and took a cab home.

In the cab..

Cab uncle: ..%@#\?我%^风..
Me: 哦, 你伤风啊?
Cab uncle: ..¥@#\*>£我中风..
Me: *Stunned* Oh okok..
Cab uncle: 你%=^$@听清楚吗? 我说我¥%^中风..
Me: Eh.. 我听清楚啊..*Still stunned*
Cab uncle: 我只是嘴巴%^$@中风.. 身体, 手和脚%^$@\没事.. 还可以开车..

By then, my stun-ness had wore off and I felt (and still feeling) sorry for him. Others may be angry because driving in that kind of condition is dangerous to himself and his passenger(s)! But seeing the way he tried so hard to explain his condition and assure me that he can drive safely.. You know, even though simple talking is such a chore for him..

Who would want to continue working if he / she had a stroke? Right? If he’s still working despite his condition, he probably needs the income badly!

God bless him. Hope he can recover soon..
This incident made me think:

“What if I were sick and old in future.. But yet I still have to drag myself to work?? And yet still not earn enough for even mere basic living expenses!?”


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