I’m me.. No??

12 May

Wanted to blog about the scrapbooking class that I went with Shuqi today but I’m too tired! (It was an awesome class, by the way! Love it!) Stay tune for that ya!

For now, here’s a quick entry here about my conversation with a stranger just now!

Le Me: *Waiting for lift*
Le Auntie: Little girl, are you looking rooms to rent?
Le Me: No
Le Auntie: You are not? You don’t look like Singaporean.
Le Me: I’m Singaporean. -.-”
Le Auntie: Are you schooling or working?
Le Me: Working
Le Auntie: You Singaporean?
Le Me: YA (with an obviously-I-am look) -_-”
Le Auntie: You really don’t want to rent room?
Le Me: I’ve lived here all my life.. -__-”
Le Auntie: You born here?
Le Me: YES. (Thinking, “Wah lau, does that mean I look like PRC or what??) x___x||
Le Auntie: You working already? You only.. 10+ or 20+ years old?
Le Me: I’m 30 already.
Le Auntie: You look very young
Le Me: Yah I know..
Le Auntie: You look like you are 16 or 18
Le Me: *Smile* (Nothing to say.)


I eagerly rushed into the lift.. And the auntie still wanted to ask me where I stay, what’s my unit number!! Which I didn’t tell her, of course! Weird auntie..


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