Good Morning!

22 May

Just some random thoughts. Really meant for myself but hope these will benefit you too.

Here goes:

Shit happens.

Not everything (everyone) can be perfect.

Rather than lamenting.. Yes, you can grumble and whine. But after that, go resolve your (shitty) problems!

Not facing a problem doesn’t mean it will be resolved on its own.

The more we delay on resolving a problem, the worse it’ll become.

Life is never smooth sailing.

We are constantly bombarded with problems.

If we can’t resolve all the problems at once, tackle them one by one.

The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.

The only way to have no problems is to see them as LIFE’S CHALLENGES!!

This is how I’ve been lecturing myself lately! Those voices in my head!! Urgh! I need to flush them out! Haha! (精神分裂 alert!)

Need to spend around $1k+ to solve my current problems.. Ahh! Heartache!

The more I tried to save, the more costs I incur! :(:(:(

Why is being an adult so costly!!

Time to accept the losses I need to incur and resolve the problems! Can’t delay further!!

Really been too busy at work to handle my studies, finances lately!! Hope this job is worth all my sacrifices!! =\

Ending my entry with this!
Hope this makes you smile! (I do, every time I see it! ^^)

Life is not meant to be easy.. But while there’s many things to make us sad, there are also many things to make us glad!

Let’s live our life happily and meaningfully.. Cheers! :)


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