Babysitting the kids!

27 May

Popped by to hang out with the little gems!
Little Bunny Steffi.. Ambassador for Absolut Volka?
Camwhored with (1 of my many) nerdy specs!
But I insisted that she let me take another photo because she didn’t smile!

Still didn’t smile much leh! -.-”
Still not satisfied but she refused to retake! Oh well..! Nevermind then.

Later I asked her to let me eat her chocolates and she said NO! What!?

Me: 为什么??
Steffi: 因为你说我不美!!
Me: 我哪里有说你不美??
Steffi: 有……!!!
Me: 我只是说你没有笑而已嘛!! *Facepalm*
Steffi: *Still refused to give me the chocolates*
Me: Steffi pleeeeeaaaasssseeee!
Steffi: *Pretending not to hear*
Leroy: Ah Mai, 我给你吃………蚂蚁。*Showed me the little ant he caught*
Me: ……….

These little brats! LOL!!

Another funny dialogue.. (I forgot how it started though!)

Steffi: 你滚!
Me: 你不爱我了!!
Steffi: 我爱你啊! 我只是叫你滚而已.. *一脸无辜*
Me: ………..

Drama serials, why you corrupt my little Steffi! @.@

One of those rare 乖乖 moments..
..which usually don’t last long! Lol!

Steffi suddenly went missing. Went to my sister’s room to look for her and my sister quietly pointed to the wardrobe. So I said aloud, “哎呀, 姐姐不见了! 那我就只带弟弟去gai gai了哦!”

Walked out of the room and said, “弟弟, 我们走吧!” Not long after, Steffi re-appeared behind me. LOL!!

Works every time!! Hahaha!

At the playground..

Leroy immediately took off his shoes~
And Steffi….
(Steffi was helping me to carry my pouch so that’s why she helped me to hang it nicely.. Lol faint!)

Wah lau, they think the public playground is their house sia! *Facepalm*

Steffi in action!
Leroy in action!
Can’t resist posting a bigger shot of this! Haha!
Happy Leroy!
Emo-ish Leroy
Those slippers look familiar.. Lol!
Like the feel of this photo!
Eh!? Why so different from Leroy’s.. @.@
Then they complained it was hot and I made them sweat a lot.. WHAT!? Who were the ones who made me bring them go playground?? I wanted to bring them go MacDonald’s eat ice cream de lor!

So “to atone for my mistakes”, I brought them to buy drinks.. 我这个Ah mai真命苦啊! Haha!

And I ended up buying sweets for them too!

Steffi and her chocolates.. (which she didn’t share with us!!)
LOL! 会酸meh??
Then he ate another one and did this! LOL!!
Haha! He’s been doing random, funny stuff more often nowadays! :D

On our way home..
Going home is never a straight and direct route! Haha! They will keep stopping and start playing with random stuff!

Bathed them.. They were playing with bubbles and giggling non stop! Haha! Was so tempted to go and take my hp to snap some photos but on 2nd thoughts:

– They were naked.. Can’t post their naked photos lah!
– NEVER leave any kid unattended in the bathroom!!

Thank God that Leroy only KO-ed AFTER taking his bath. Haha!
The sweets that I bought for Leroy..
He picked this himself.. But I spotted an exact one in the bathroom while I was bathing them! *Facepalms*

But then again, this used to be my favourite toy when I was around his age too! And I also bought the same thing, same colour all the time! I liked the purple one though! (Used to love purple a lot.. Then blue.. Then now, pink!)

Was so amused when the kids referred to the candy as “Karaoke”!! What!? Not “Microphone” meh?? Hahaha!!

Of course, random stuff doesn’t just stop there! Even if Leroy was asleep! Haha!

Stacci the Baby格格??
Steffi the 小格格!
Aww~ Both are so cute lah!

Still have countless funny incidents and dialogues.. Was trying to note them down but I didn’t have the time to!! My little gems are too cute liao lah!

Here’s one that Steven kena-ed from Leroy! Tio pwned!
But of course.. They also give us adults a lot of headaches when they quarrel and cry over the slightest things! Hope they’ll be more guai guai eh!!

Time really flies when I’m with the kids! Tomorrow gotta work again! Urgh!!


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