Parts from Dream High I

16 Jun

Another nice song! Well sang!

Jason was jealous! LOL-ed to see his expression changing as he looked at Pil Sook (*sweet smiles*) then Sam Dong (*frowns*), back to Pil Sook (*sweet smiles*) and then looked stared at Sam Dong (*frowns*)

I really like this sweet couple! ~♥

Although I must say it seems so irrealistic. An American-Korean cute boy who can sing, dance and rap so well would like a fat girl? And he was never seen flirting or talking much with other girls in this show. But well, Pil Sook was fat but she has a really sweet voice and she is so kind and inoccent! I would want a friend like her!

So happy that she slimmed down and.. I shall not reveal too much. (Go watch it! Haha!) Let’s just say they are blissful and happy, practically throughout the show! :):)

Another couple I like!

Really like this happy and sweet love song: Sunset Glow! :)

Saw some deleted scenes of Dream High in Youtube. Seems like Hye Mi was supposed to end up with Jin Guk but the script was changed and Sam Dong won her heart instead.

I like them all so I’m fine with her ending up with either one! ♥

Happy that she fell for Sam Dong because he works so so hard for her. He loves music but his main source of motivation was Hye Mi! He works extra hard so that she would stop worrying about him and be charmed by him someday!

And he did it! Yayy! He changed from a gong gong country bumpkin (with poor dressing sense) to a charming star who oozes confidence and charisma! Even I’m mesmerized by him liao lah!

Awww~♥ Sweet max!

Sam Dong really reminds me of myself. Once I liked a very charming and popular guy. (He was almost considered a legend!) In order to catch his eye and be compatible with him.. I worked hard to.. *secret*. Haha! I actually did it! Surprised myself too! I NEVER thought I would be *secret*!! And did we end up together in the end? Hur hur.. That’s for me to haha and for you to guess~~

Moral of the story: Pure, innocent love can be a positive force to push anyone to greater heights! But do be careful! Loving someone with a scheming mind and (too much) jealousy may push you down from a great height instead!


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