Missing Sam Dong (from Dream High)!!

20 Jun

Sweetest scene in this drama serial..♥♥

Can’t stop rewatching over and over and over again!! ♥

This is really a very good scene.. Because we can feel all the emotions (and the sweetness!!) when NO ONE SAID A SINGLE WORD AT ALL!!

In fact I only realised that after watching the clip many times! Whoa! Good acting skills right!! Seriously, how many actors / actresses from our local Mediacrap can achieve this level??


Sam Dong, SARANG HAE~~♥

사랑해 사랑해 사랑해~!!

I wanna sweet kiss from a cute guy like that too!! Jealous max!! >.<

Came across this good write up about Sam Dong!
♥ Sam Dong ♥
This is a good example of how a friendzoned guy broke free from The Friendzone Curse and won the girl’s heart! Sam Dong, you rocks!! 사랑해~♥

*By the way, Sam Dong = 森动, not Sam as in the usual Christian name and Dong is not his surname! Haha!


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