Still angry with Cookie?

20 Jun

Haha! Actually I’m not angry anymore lah! But it’s so amusing to see how she reacts!

Woke up in the middle of the previous night and found her sleeping on my bed. Yeah, again! LOL! Ended up hugging her to sleep. And she loves it too! (Just not good in staying angry for long.. Aren’t I!? >.<)

Heard from Mamalove that Cookie always sleep on my bed in the afternoon while I'm not at home! Haha!

And while I was engrossed with watching 金色摩天轮 just now.. Cookie sneakily jumped onto my bed and slept there again!

Really asleep? xD
I’m feeling sleepy now! Bedtime! Let’s see if Cookie will sneak into my bed again while I’m asleep again! Haha!

Sweet nitey all! :)

(So many photos that I wanted to blog!! Ended up taking more photos instead of clearing my backlog.. Aiyah!! By next weekend ya! ^^)


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